Kacey Musgraves Says Her Album ‘Star-Crossed’ Is About Being ‘F*cked Celestially’

Today marks the release of Kacey Musgraves’ anticipated new album, Star-Crossed. It’s a high-profile release, enough so that she got a spot on The Late Show last night as an interview guest. During her chat with Stephen Colbert, she explained how the new album is about being “f*cked celestially.”

Colbert took interest in the album title and asked what Musgraves means with her use of the term, and she responded, “It’s ill-fated. You are doomed by the stars. You are f*cked celestially.” She continued, “There is a roller coaster of emotion on the record and the film that we made. It is kind of a wild ride.”

Elsewhere during the chat, Musgraves discussed her relationship with Willie Nelson and how that connection allowed her the opportunity to get her grandfather a special gift. Describing one Christmas, Musgraves said, “I handed him a little wad of cash and I was like, ‘Here you go.’ He was like, ‘What is this for?’ I was like, ‘It’s the buy-in for Willie Nelson’s poker game, so good luck.'” Her grandfather fared well — he “kicked Willie Nelson’s ass,” as Musgraves put it.

Meanwhile, at multiple points during the conversation, Colbert teased that Musgraves will return to The Late Show in October for a musical performance, so that’s something to look forward to.

Watch Musgraves’ appearance on The Late Show above.

Star-Crossed is out now via Interscope Records/UMG Nashville. Get it here.