Katy Perry Puts Her Spin On Classic Holiday Traditions In The ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ Video

Having a timeless hit Christmas song can be a huge career boost (just ask Mariah Carey). Katy Perry took a stab at it last year with “Cozy Little Christmas,” which was released as an Amazon exclusive before becoming more widely available. The song certainly found an audience, as it has racked up about 350,000 plays on Spotify over the past year or so. Now Perry is bringing the song back for this year’s holiday season, as she has shared a new video for the track.

The clip both plays on holiday traditions and adds some new flavor. There’s Santa Claus, a tree, and stop-motion characters, but there’s also relaxing by the pool and Santa changing into tropical-themed garb.

Perry previously described the tune as “a kind of throwback, vintage, Supremes-esque” Christmas song, and went on to say, “It was actually inspired by our last Christmas together with my family, which was last year in Copenhagen [Denmark]. The Danish really know how to do Christmas! They have so many different traditions — they have special chocolates they buy, they have a Christmas beer, they light real candles on the Christmas tree, you hold hands and you dance around, and I was like, ‘Man, I want that.’ It’s something you can’t buy. It’s just a feeling.”

Watch the “Cozy Little Christmas” video above.