There’s A Mix-Up Between Famous Lookalikes Katy Perry And Zooey Deschanel In Perry’s Latest Video

Any internet list from the past decade-plus of celebrity pairs who look like each other wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel (for example, here’s a blog post from 2008 that notes the visual similarity between the two). For years, the two have been compared to each other, and now Perry has cleverly made use of that with her new video for “Not The End Of The World.”

The video starts with Perry out for a walk with her baby in a stroller. She passes by Deschanel as the baby drops a stuffed animal in front of her. Looking up from her newspaper, Deschanel unsuccessfully tries to get Perry’s attention. All the while, aliens are getting ready to kidnap Deschanel, who they think is Perry. Once Deschanel is on the alien craft, she tries to explain the mistaken identity, but the extraterrestrials just don’t believe that she’s not Perry. Once she realizes the aliens saved her from a soon-to-be-blown-up Earth, she hatches a plan to rescue the planet.

The single comes from Smile, Perry’s sixth album, which she released this summer. It also appears on her recently released Cosmic Energy EP.

Watch the “Not The End Of The World” video above.