Kelsea Ballerini Put Her Heartache On Display In A Performance Of ‘Penthouse’ On ‘Saturday Night Life’

In her second performance of the night, Kelsea Ballerini took to the Saturday Night Live stage for a performance of her song, “Penthouse.”

During the performance, Ballerini and her backing band were dressed in all white, creating a minimalistic aesthetic, while allowing the pure emotions from her lyrics and vocals to shine through.

“We played the part five nights, but we were never there on the weekends, baby / We got along real nice, but when I left town, did you hate / One day, the curtain started coming down / You changed the second we were moving out / I guess wrong can look alright / When you’re playing home in a penthouse, baby,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

While Ballerini has been open about the fact that her divorce from singer Morgan Evans has taken a toll on her, she revealed in an interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she is finally finding moments of joy in this new chapter of her life. She is learning how to navigate dating and balance it with fame.

“I do want to be respectful… and everything is new for me—dating, being photographed with someone. It’s all really new, and I’m tip-toeing. And I’m happy. I’m really relearning a lot about myself and how I show up in a relationship and how I show up for myself. It’s been a really beautiful reawakening.”

You can check out the performance above.

Morgan Evans is a Warner Music artist. .