King Princess Delivered A Raw, Emotion-Riddled Performance For Her NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Mikaela Straus, better known as King Princess, continues to dig her footing deeper into indie pop one track at a time. Since breaking out onto the scene with the song “1950,” the Brooklyn native shows no signs of letting up. On new album Hold On Baby, King Princess has officially found her musical pocket and stopped by NPR’s Tiny Desk to share it with fans.

Supported by a full band which included Antoine Fadavi (on drums), Kaela Sinclair (on keys and supporting vocals), Logan McQuade (on bass), Zack Page (on guitar), and Asaf Rodeh (on guitar and supporting vocals), in just over 15 minutes, King Princess takes both the in-studio audience, as well as viewers at home, on an emotional roller coaster set to a few of the album’s stand out tracks.

Opening with “Cursed,” King Princess mainly recounts the death of a toxic friendship as she sings, “Well, it had to end / but endings lead to better things / like sleeping again / oh, ’cause it’s a curse to be your friend.”

Before transitioning into the next number, “Winter Is Hopeful,” King Princess shares her excitement to be finally have made it to the platform, exclaiming, “this is so cool! I’ve always wanted to do one. And now I get to. That is f*cking cool man.”

As the band begins to play, King Princess reveals the track was originally titled “Quinn,” after her girlfriend. However, after receiving strong protest from her as she felt it was “too obnoxious,” the song was renamed.

The set closes with a performances of “Let Us Die,” which was co-written by Mark Ronson. King Princess’ performance is raw, vulnerable, and poignant — the makings of a perfect Tiny Desk concert.

Watch the full performance above.

King Princess is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.