King Princess’ ‘Only Time Makes It Human’ Video Is Only Partially Human

The last time we got new music from King Princess was back in February when she shared “Ohio” on the deluxe edition of Cheap Queen. Now, though, for the first time in months, King Princess has given fans something new to chew on: a song called “Only Time Makes It Human.”

The song’s visual features a 3D model of King Princess admiring the real-life human on TV and computer screens. On the track, she sings about simultaneously wanting and not wanting to get over an old flame, singing on the chorus, “And it sucks that I think about her / ‘Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely / And it’s not that I wanna suffer / But thinking of her keeps me going.”

Alongside the video, King Princess has also launched some new merch items, including the underwear and tank top she wears in the video.

King Princess has stayed mostly away from the public eye during the pandemic. In April, she performed an at-home Tiny Desk concert from her Hawaiian “quarantine shed,” and during the summer, she called out JK Rowling after the Harry Potter author shared some controversial tweets about trans women.

Watch the “Only Time Makes It Human” video above.