Lady Gaga Used A Hilarious Meme To Seemingly Address A Leaked Song

It’s been a while now since Lady Gaga has released a new album (aside from the A Star Is Born soundtrack with Bradley Cooper, of course). Joanne dropped in 2016, and fans have been craving a new solo Gaga record since then. Somebody recently got so eager, in fact, that they leaked what appears to be an unreleased song from Gaga, called “Stupid Love.” Harper’s Bazaar describes the tune as “an upbeat cut with big vocals and dance- and electronic-inspired production.”

It didn’t take long for Gaga to seemingly offer a response to the supposed leak, and she did so with a pretty funny tweet. After the track made the rounds online, Gaga shared an image of a young girl wearing a ski mask and headphones, which has become a meme about listening to illegally downloaded music. She captioned her post, “can y’all stop.”

Lately, Lady Gaga has been devoting her energy to her Las Vegas residency, which it looks like she may extend for another year. Between that and the success of A Star Is Born, Gaga has been financially comfortable: Last summer, she was listed among the highest-paid celebrities of the past year, a list that was topped by Taylor Swift.