Lady Gaga’s Next Album Is ‘Nothing Like Anything That I’ve Ever Made Before,’ She Declares

The most recent album we got from Lady Gaga is 2020’s Chromatica (she and Tony Bennett released Love For Sale in 2021, too). There’s still no word about when Gaga’s next album is dropping, but the artist has just offered an enticing update about it.

Last night (May 23), during a Q&A at the Los Angeles premiere of her Chromatica Ball concert film (as Rolling Stone reports), Gaga said she’s been “in the studio every single day” and continued, “I have written so many songs, I’ve been producing so many songs, and it’s nothing like anything that I’ve ever made before. I love to break genre and I love to explore music. There’s something really beautiful about knowing that you will be loved no matter what you do.”

Gaga also explained her current creative process that started taking shape during the Chromatica Ball Tour in 2022, saying, “Something I’m definitely exploring right now is sort of the art of intensity and I think that the art of intensity actually began during this tour, but I’m not done with it yet.”

She also said of the tour more broadly, “This tour went on during a time that people didn’t think that you could tour [during the COVID-19 pandemic] and stadiums were packed all over the world and they were sold out, all dressed up and dancing and singing. I’m just so excited for you all to see what we made up close.”