Lady Gaga’s Dazzling ‘Chromatica Ball’ Tour Is Coming To HBO With A New Concert Film

In September 2022, Lady Gaga played a sold-out show to 52,000 people at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, as part of The Chromatica Ball tour. Gaga’s performance was filmed, and now it’ll be shared as a new HBO concert film. It’s set to premiere on HBO on May 25 at 1 p.m. ET/PT, and it’ll be streaming on Max, too.

Gaga posted a statement to announce the film and share a trailer, writing on social media:

“I’m so excited that we can finally share The Chromatica Ball film with the world. This film chronicles a time of immense creativity…the fashion, the dance, the music. Revisiting the tour leaves me speechless the way we had each other—you all showed up for music and art in a big way, and with a level of excitement and freedom that I will never forget. Stadium after stadium. Sold out crowds. The deafening singalongs.

Chromatica was colorful revenge. The chaos of it all became pure energy and life. With a texture best experienced live.


Self-acceptance is a theme that cuts through all my songs. I believe it is always possible to dig deep and find your greatness. Self-discovery is an art. Self-love is a practice.

I love you monsters more than I can say. See yourself in every vocal, every fabric choice, the choreography, every image… Here’s the truth—no matter where life or my career has taken me, my time with you always is a path back to a very powerful part of myself. In a stadium filled with YOU it came to life. Thank you for that feeling. I hope you will feel seen when you watch this film. And know that I edited it carefully to honor you.”

Find Gaga’s post below.