Lady Gaga Officially Launches Her ‘Gaga Radio’ Show On Apple Music

Step aside Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, there’s a new musician-led show on Apple Music. On Wednesday, Lady Gaga announced she will be the host of her very own radio show, Gaga Radio. The first episode drops Friday and the singer will use her platform to discuss her music and activism.

For the show’s premiere episode, Lady Gaga will sit down with close friend and Chromatica producer BloodPop. The two will discuss the process of making of the record, complete with the challenges and triumphs they faced along the way including depression and self-doubt. During the first conversation, Gaga opens up about how cathartic the recording process was for her, saying she would “just stare into the open sky and chain smoke cigarettes and cry” after trying to write a song.

In a statement about Gaga Radio ahead of its debut, Gaga said she’s been brainstorming ways to garner a sense of community among her listeners and the world: “The last few weeks I’ve been figuring out different ways at home that I can be of service to what I would call the singular global community, one that I believe to be kind in nature, one that I believe to be very special to my heart and I believe to the hearts of many. And so I’ve been thinking of all the ways that I can be someone that contributes to the society and the world. I’m super thrilled, excited to have this show and this opportunity to play an incredible mix of music every week.”

Gaga Radio premieres 8/7 at 11 a.m. PT. Listen to it here.