Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Had Part Of His Lung Removed After Being Shot

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was discharged from the hospital this weekend after a longer-than-expected recovery, according to TMZ. Although he said he felt great just a few days after being shot last month, he was forced to stay in the hospital for several weeks due to a partially collapsed lung. Fischer had to be readmitted for surgery, with doctors removing part of his lung. Fischer recounted the story, including the sorta horrifying news that he was conscious as doctors tried to save him after the initial shooting, in a post on Instagram:

Fischer was shot in February by thieves who accosted him while he was walking the singer’s French bulldogs. When he attempted to fend them off, the thieves shot him and took two of the dogs, while the third was out of reach. The dogs were returned the next day after a flurry of news coverage, found tied to a pole in an alley later that night. The woman who found them recognized them from the news coverage, which may have been a contributing factor in the thieves deciding to abandon their efforts. Gaga, who had offered a $500,000 reward for their safe return, said she’d gladly pay.

Read Fischer’s account of his crooked road to recovery above.