Lana Del Rey Seemingly Took A Moment To Vape With A Fan Before Headlining At Hangout Festival 2024

Lana Del Rey’s gloomy music provides the perfect soundtrack for a dimly light cigar lounge. But, the “Video Games” singer actually prefers vapes. In a now-viral video, Lana appears to have allowed her love for the latest e-smoking trend to momentarily delay her performance at Hangout Festival 2024.

Yesterday (May 18), while making her way to the stage, Lana was stopped by fans on the sideline. The festivalgoers appear to have offered Lana a pull of their vape. At first, Lana politely declined. “No, I can’t,” she said.

However, after further encouragement, she gave in and took a hit. After the clip was shared to X (formerly Twitter) users online began to freak out in disgust.

“Mother, I love you, but you shouldn’t be using strangers’ vapes,” wrote one user.

“Her vaping addiction literally makes me die laughing, I don’t even care,” penned another.

Fans across TikTok have shared clips of Lana’s usage of vapes at previous concerts and festival appearances. In one performance video, Lana stopped mid-set to declare: “My vape is killing me.”

Lana has also been spotted on livestreams smoking vapes.

But fans have smoke with Lana for another reason. In the comment, section of Hangover Festival’s recap of her set, supporters called Lana out for supposedly being nearly an hour late and vocally struggling. Read their remarks below.


Lana Del Rey nor Hangout Festival have released a statement regarding the late accusations.