Lana Del Rey Thinks One Of The Most Vulnerable ‘Ocean Blvd’ Tracks Is ‘Not A Good Song,’ But Fans Love It

Lana Del Rey’s new album Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd is out now, and in the hours since its release, fans have gotten to dissecting the album and sharing their favorite moments on social media. “Fingertips” is a song that’s getting a lot of attention, despite the fact that Del Rey herself thinks it’s “not a good song.”

On her Substack, journalist Hannah Ewens recently shared interview excerpts with Del Rey that were cut from a recent Rolling Stone UK feature. In one of them, Del Rey calls “Fingertips” “my song that would be my least favorite song I’d ever want to talk about.” She continued:

“‘Fingertips’ is not a good song or a big song but it definitely explains everything. I felt like that was important because everyone was always like [whispers], ‘Explain yourself.’ And I was like, ‘OK, let me do this really quickly, I’ll tell you everything I’m thinking in two minutes in a seven-minute song and just rip through it and edit it.’ That song kind of says it all. Between that song and ‘Wildflower Wildfire’ on Blue Banisters, you can get a lot [whispers and laughs] of everything.”

Indeed, it’s a vulnerable track, and that’s what fans love about it. Check out some Twitter reactions below.

Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd is out now via Interscope. Find more information here.