Lana Del Rey Is ‘Sure’ She And Billie Eilish Will Collaborate Some Day

Billie Eilish was the ultimate fan growing up, and she’s grown to become peers with most of her former idols. A young Billie loved Justin Bieber so much that her parents “did consider” getting her therapy for it. Years later, Bieber jumped on Eilish’s “Bad Guy” remix and attended her 21st birthday party last December.

Lana Del Rey is in the same tier.

“You were my first lock screen on the first phone I ever got,” Billie Eilish told Lana Del Rey for Interview Magazine in February. Del Rey cited that conversation while on the red carpet at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music event in Los Angeles last night, March 1.

“With Billie, I mean, talk about a woman who’s, like, cooked good all the way through,” Del Rey said. “Not only the way she sings, her vocal inflections, you can’t even copy it, but as a person, she’s just — every now and then, you meet someone who’s just a good person. And it’s not like that’s a requirement — in fact, usually, it’s the opposite — to be a good artist. But she just happens to be both.”

She continued, “When we did Interview Magazine and she interviewed me, and she just talked about how her first phone screen picture was of me with the bee. I mean, picture me in my bedroom freaking out. ‘Cause she’s, like, my living legend. It’s fun to have a little camaraderie there.”

When asked by Billboard‘s Lyndsey Havens if she’d work with Eilish, Del Rey emphatically assured, “Oh, I feel like I’m sure, at some point, we will.”

Del Rey was honored with the Visionary Award, which was presented to her by Olivia Rodrigo.

Watch her red carpet interview above and find her Visionary Award acceptance speech below.