Lana Del Rey Was Granted A Temporary Restraining Order Against A Stalker

With celebrity status comes lots of great things: money, access, power, a platform to speak, and yes, artistic freedom. But it can also bring other, terrible things — like stalkers and obsessive fans. Lana Del Rey has dealt with stalkers before, back in 2018 a stalker even tried to kidnap her, which is a different level of scary.

That incident from the past might be part of why Lana and her team have responded legally to a woman who has been stalking the pop star this year. TMZ reports that Del Rey was granted a restraining order against a woman named Janeen Lee Stratton who has been harrassing her. The woman, who reportedly goes by the nickname “America,” has been continually contacting Lana’s team, including her managers, with requests to meet in person. According to court docs, Stratton believes she is Lana’s “muse” and that Lana communicates with her via songs and dreams.

Stratton tracked down Lana’s private home and trespassed on the property at least three times last month, armed with pocket knives, where she was intercepted by the security guards. After hearing what’s happened so far, a judge did grant Del Rey a temporary restraining order today, and a hearing for a permanent order will take place later in January.