Lana Del Rey Announces She’s Pushing Back The Release Date Of Her Spoken Word Poetry Album

Lana Del Rey released Norman F*cking Rockwell in August and was planning for another project to be released on January 4. The album, titled Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, is a collection of spoken word poetry, but its release is now being delayed.

Lana informed fans of the release date on Twitter. “Hoping everyone had a great New Years, gonna wait for about a month to put out ‘Violet’ since we lost about nine days with everything going on,” she wrote. The singer also mentioned that “it’s an interesting project.”

Lana previously detailed the project in a video posted to Instagram. She explained that proceeds from the record’s sales will benefit Native American organizations across the US. “I had a thought for a while about how I wanted the album to be around a dollar because I just love the idea that thoughts are meant to be shared and that they were priceless in some way,” she said. “And there was a second part that I’d been thinking of before releasing it, which was that I wanted half of what the spoken word is going for to benefit Native American organizations around the country — whether it was for preserving their rights or trying to help keep their land intact.”

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