Lauren Jauregui Teases Her Debut Solo Project ‘Prelude’ With An Operatic Livestream Trailer

Singer Lauren Jauregui is the latest Fifth Harmony member to pivot to a solo career, something that fans have been begging for ever since the group’s 2018 disbandment. Jauregui previously teased the beginning of a new era with her rhythmic 2020 single “Lento” and “50ft.” But now, over a year after the singles dropped, Jauregui has finally released details about her debut solo project.

Titled Prelude, Jauregui is set to further detail the upcoming solo debut project in a cinematic livestream. Jauregui announced Prelude with a the livestream’s trailer Wednesday, which previews an exquisitely choreographed performance complete with white, flowing outfits and plenty of flowers. The livestream, presented in partnership with the platform Moment House, airs October 14 and 15 and features several dancers, costume changes, and more.

Speaking about her upcoming project in a statement, Jauregui expressed her “deep gratitude” for the chance to finally share it with the world:

“Deep gratitude to be able to finally birth the beginning of this project into the world. ‘Prelude’ is a piece of my heart and I can’t wait for you all to hear what that sounds like.”

While Jauregui has shared only a few songs since leaving Fifth Harmony, the singer has still been hard at work both in and out of the studio. She’s spent the last few years recording and revising her music in anticipation for her debut release, as well as expressing her support for various social justice and human rights issues.

Watch Jauregui’s Prelude trailer above.