Lorde Explains Why She Takes Such Long Breaks Between Her Albums

Lorde fans are a patient breed, as they have to wait a long time between albums. Lorde’s debut, Pure Heroine, came out in 2013. That was followed by Melodrama in 2017, and then there’s Solar Power, which is set to drop in under a month. So, on average, there are about four years separating Lorde’s albums, and now she has explained why her between-album breaks are so long.

Lorde participated in Vogue‘s “73 Questions” series, and in the video that was shared today (the 73rd episode in the series, coincidentally), she walks around the New York Botanical Garden and talks about her career and life. When asked why her long breaks are important, she answered, “Well, I just have to go and live my life so that I have stuff to write about. So, it’s just sort of mooching and taking time.” She then elaborated on what she likes to do during those breaks, saying, “I like to cook and I like to be very available for my friends and family, because I miss a lot of birthdays when I’m working.”

She also explained her decision to not release Solar Power on CD, saying, “Everything that I make physically, I want it to be something that I would have in my house, and I don’t have any CDs at my house.”

Check out the full video above.