Fans Think Lorde’s Updated Facebook Profile Photo Means New Music Is On The Way

Lorde‘s latest album Melodrama debuted in 2017 and fans have been pressing her for its follow-up ever since. Because is not very active on social media, every little change the singer makes leads to speculation about a new era of music. One such update came when Lorde revived her Instagram account — where she reviews every onion ring she eats — which ended up being completely unrelated to her songwriting career. But fans are once again hopeful that new music is imminent after the singer made a very small change to her Facebook page.

The New Zealand songwriter “updated” both her official Facebook profile and cover photos this week. But instead of selecting brand-new photos, they were copies of the same pictures she had before. Even still, the activity caused a tizzy among fans on social media.

Though nothing else was meaningfully altered on Lorde’s Facebook page, some fans took the small update as a sign that she’s gearing up for a new era of music.

While some fans were overjoyed at the idea of new music, others thought it was Lorde’s way of playfully taunting her listeners.

Lorde has not yet confirmed the release date of the next album, but she did recently reveal how her 2019 trip to Antarctica influenced it. Along with writing the book Going South about her journey, Lorde said it inspired her to create a “whole cinematic universe” to go along with her new music.

See fans react to Lorde’s Facebook update above.