Lorde Explained How Robyn’s ‘Huge Amount Of Empathy’ Works In Songwriting

Now that Lorde’s third album Solar Power is out, fans have been able to sit with the record for a week and dive in a bit deeper. It’s definitely a left turn for the pop star, who seems content to approach things from a much slower, low-key perspective after two albums that were super ebullient. Now, she’s focused on things like traveling to Antarctica, and spending time on New Zealand beaches, and that laid back approach comes through in the album. For this album, she was also able to include a spoken word cameo from one of her own pop heroes, Robyn, who offers a coda on the end of album cut “Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All).”

In a new interview with NME, Lorde talked about the amount of empathy that Robyn offers in her songwriting, which might be the reason she wanted her to act as a guide on the end of that Solar Power track.

“I think there’s just so much room in Robyn’s world for being a hot mess or being this sort of ball of emotions shooting out in every direction,” Lorde said. “I think about a song like ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ – she’s not in a traditional hero’s role; she’s telling someone to break up with their girlfriend so they can be with her. But she’s also having a huge amount of empathy for that other woman – that is some really big, complex adult sh*t to be tackling in a dancefloor banger!”

Check out the whole interview here.