Madonna Is Blown Away Finding Out She’s Banned From Going Live On Instagram

Madonna is a hit on Instagram, as her 18 million followers prove. She recently tried to treat them by going live on the platform but the singer was surprised to learn Instagram had banned her from doing so. Instead of going live, Madonna shared a video of her finding out her live broadcast privileges had been revoked.

In the clip, Madonna and a couple of associates sit in front of a phone and ring light as they prepare to start the broadcast. When they hit the button to go live, they’re met with a pop-up message that reads, “Blocked from sharing live video.” The message further explains, “Posts from your account have recently been removed for going against our Community Guidelines, so live video sharing has been temporarily blocked.”

“What the f*ck,” a puzzled Madonna wondered out loud. She added, “I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life.” The clip ends with Madonna saying, “I’m speechless.” She captioned the post, “Not Us!!!! violation of community guidelines………. [eyes emoji] [siren emoji].”

This happened last night, when Madonna was supposed to go live with Sickick to promote “Frozen On Fire,” a new take on Madonna’s 1998 song “Frozen,” which has gained newfound attention on TikTok in recent months. In a video shared on her Instagram Story, Madonna explains the situation to Sickick and notes, “I haven’t done anything lately. I haven’t done anything crazy… not this week, anyway.”

She also speculated that her ban could be a “delayed reaction” to her recent NFT collection, which features renderings of her vagina giving birth to various things.

Madonna is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.