Madonna Launches A New NFT Of Her Vagina Giving Birth To Insects, Butterflies, And Trees

How do you do, fellow kids? Madonna has entered the NFT chat.

In a new series of NFTs with the artist Beeple, Madonna’s Mother of Creation NFT series is an “NFT Triptych,” that “represents a different form of birth in our contemporary world,” according to the project’s website. Composed of three separate NFTs, each is an immaculate 3D rendering of Madonna and her anatomically correct private parts giving birth to butterflies, insects, and trees. They’re called Mother Of Nature, Mother Of Evolution, And Mother Of Technology.

The NFTs leave nothing to the imagination, as they depict an actual tree growing out of her vagina, or caterpillars emerging from within, before a butterfly flutters from between her legs and into the world. “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity,” Madonna is quoted as saying on the website.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will benefit nonprofits focused on helping women and children around the world. “Most importantly we wanted to use this opportunity to benefit mothers and children who are most in need right now,” Madonna added on the website. The three organizations that the sale of this art benefits, include The City of Joy, The Voices of Children Foundation, and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

You can view all of the fairly-NSFW digital renderings of these NFTs on the website here. The auctions begin on 05/11 at 3 pm PST on Superrare.

Madonna is a Warner Music artist. .