Maggie Rogers Gave A Heartfelt Glimpse Into Her Friend Group With A New ‘Different Kind Of World’ Performance

Maggie Rogers surprised fans with a new live performance of “Different Kind Of World,” the closing track from her recent album, Surrender. Filmed in Paris through Blogothèque and director Hugo Jouxtel, the video opens with Rogers happily engaging with her friends at a dinner table. Eventually, she grabs her guitar to treat everyone to the song.

“It’s like an end-of-dinner prayer,” Rogers says in the video. “On the recording, there’s all this noise. So, everyone can do their own version of that.” She explains that her friends can tap on the table or do whatever while eventually explaining the vocal notes as a call-and-response. It works out wonderfully, as her friends add some gentle backing vocals to the uplifting song.

“I feel like thinking about the state of the world has always been a part of my record process. It’s because I am a part of the world,” she told NME about the song. “I don’t know how you go through the pandemic, or the election, or the amount of social change the last couple years, and not have it be a part of what you’re thinking in some way.”

Watch Rogers’ live performance of “Different Kind Of World” above.