Mariah Carey Reacts To ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Hitting No. 1 Again: ‘I’m So Thankful’

It’s that time of year again… did you think I meant the holiday season? No, not at all — I meant the few-week stretch where Mariah Carey is back to being a No. 1 artist! Yes, for the third (!) time in a row, Carey’s annual award due to her timeless holiday anthem has been bestowed once more. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a stone cold classic, we all know this, but it wasn’t until streaming-era metrics started to dominate the way the Billboard charts function that her ’90s hit began to routinely climb to the top during Christmastime.

Taken off her holiday album, Merry Christmas, which passed the 25th anniversary back in 2019, the song has gone No. 1 in three separate years, and is the first song to ever do so. Earlier this month it hit a billion streams and was certified diamond, and now, it cinched that No. 1 slot once more. For her part, Mariah was absolutely thrilled by the news and wanted to make sure to thank her “lambily.”

In her very first comment about the new No. 1, she shared an absolutely adorable card from her daughter, littered with congratulatory remarks in red marker.

She shared a bit more on Instagram, along with the sweet insight that it was her children who broke the news: “The kids woke me up with the great news, I’m so thankful to everyone, especially my lambily 🐑🐑🐑 I love you so much!!! ❄️🎄🦋☃️💖💖💖”