Marina Dishes On Her Next Album And Life At Home In A New Bose Studio Visit Video

2019 was huge for Marina Diamandis. It saw the release of Love + Fear, her fourth album and first since changing her performing name from Marina And The Diamonds to just Marina. Since then, she’s been hard at work on her next album, and she spoke about it and more in a new Bose Studio Visit video, made in partnership with Uproxx.

From her home in Los Angeles, Marina spoke about the progress and tone of her next album, saying, “I have not finished my new album, but I’ve finished writing it, pretty much, and I’m just in the process of finishing the production. It’s a very slow process for me. The last record, it was more about finding solace in nature, and this record almost more is like a backdrop to what’s going on. We are in the time where there’s so much anxiety about how the planet is suffering. So, it doesn’t feature in a kind of rosy way as it has done in previous records.”

She also explained how Bose helps her music reach its full potential: “When I’m listening with the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, I can hear every single element in my music, all of the intricacies of the production. My number one goal, really, is to blow people away and to make them feel something powerful when they listen to my music.”

Beyond that, the Bose Studio Visit features Marina discussing the relationship between color and her music, as well as her not-so-fruitful garden, so check it out above.

Marina is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.