People Are Dragging Megyn Kelly After Her Impossibly Bizarre Comments About Kim Petras’ ‘SI’ Swimsuit Cover Not Being Hot Enough To Make Teen Boys Horny

Megyn Kelly is facing pushback online after she tried to say that Kim Petras appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated would be a turn off to teenage boys, according to Page Six‘s tweet.

“My understanding of the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine is it has one main purpose and that’s for 15-year-old boys to spend some alone time with it in the bathroom,” Kelly said on her podcast.

Petras was one of four new covers, alongside Megan Fox, Brooks Nader, and Martha Stewart, which are available for purchase next week.

“Ummm why does she care what turns on teen boys?” one person in the replies asked.

Meanwhile, other users are having a field day, saying that teen boys basically do the dumbest sh*t and don’t really care about turn-offs. Or if any of them still even care to purchase a physical magazine cover, as another noted, “Teen boys haven’t bought a sports illustrated since the 80s.”

“Teen boys are using the internet to look at porn Megan not magazines,” a different Twitter user pointed out.

There has also been some focus as to… why she’s focused on what teenagers are attracted to?

“theres something to be said about conservatives obsession with teenagers sexuality, but also teen boys wont be turned off. they’ll pretend not tofind her hot to their friends but they will all secretly find her hot,” someone quoted.

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