Nessa Barrett Is A Body In The Morgue For Her ‘I Wanna Die’ Video

With the release of her new EP Pretty Poison, Nessa Barrett is slowly but surely making the jump from TikTok star to bonafide pop star. Hey, if Olivia Rodrigo can do it, the sky’s the limit, right? Barrett has been releasing videos for her new songs, and earlier this week she shared the clip for the title track, “Pretty Poison,” where she plays a solo star in a dark cinema packed with masked patrons… spooky!

Today she’s sharing an equally dark video for the straightforwardly-titled song “I Wanna Die.” In the visual, Nessa first appears on a morgue slab where someone is slowly applying makeup to her bruised body, helping prepare her body for the funeral. While the song is technically about being so into someone that being apart from them, or even not touching them, is grounds for wanting to leave this mortal coil, the rest of the video keeps with the gruesome theme, as the mortician continues to work on beautifying Nessa. Until, the camera pulls back to reveal that all along the person working on her body was none other than fellow TikToker JXDN. It’s a clever twist for such a short clip, check out the video above and stay tuned for more visuals from Barrett.