Nessa Barrett Is A Star In A Dark Cinema For Her ‘Pretty Poison’ Video

Nessa Barrett‘s Pretty Poison EP only came out a few weeks ago, but the lip-syncing TikTok star is already earning plenty of attention for the five-track original release. Though she might’ve risen to fame for pitch perfect lip-synced performances of other pop star’s songs, it’s clear she’s more than capable of making hits all her own.

Today she shared the video for the EP’s title track, “Pretty Poison,” following up her visual for the hit song off the project, “I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead,” and the first of many more coming soon. In the new clip, a row of masked and hooded people sit in a theater to watch Barrett filming herself singing the defiant track. And of course there’s a shot of Barrett drinking the pink bottle that served as the artwork for her EP.

Nessa’s dark-pop sound is a logical soundtrack during a time of lockdown, pandemic, and isolation, as so many people are feeling distant or disappointed in the way things have played out. Her songs might be specifically pointed at a single person who wronged her, but they’re thoughtful enough to channel a larger feeling of distrust and self-loathing, which is what makes this pop dark — that doesn’t make it any less catchy though. Check out the new video above and stream the whole EP here.