Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ Tried Nodding To One Direction But Fans Noticed A Major Mistake That Dragged Them Down

At the top of 2023, Netflix debuted Kaleidoscope, a new eight-episode series with a novel twist: the episodes can be watched in any order. One episode in particular sent One Direction fans on an emotional roller coaster when they saw a reference to the now-defunct boy band but realized the show got an important detail wrong.

In the episode titled “Green,” a criminal named Judy (played by Rosaline Elbay) tries to smuggle SIM cards to imprisoned boyfriend Stan (Peter Mark Kendall) (as Billboard notes). However, a guard catches Judy, so she bribes her with One Direction concert tickets. The scene includes a clear shot of the tickets, which are for a Madison Square Garden show on March 6, 2016. The problem: the group went on hiatus in December 2015 and was certainly not touring in 2016.

Fans of the group picked up on this and lamented the error on Twitter, with one writing, “IT HURTS BEING A DIRECTIONER.” Another tweeted, “i HAD to go back on kaleidoscope cause I KNEW I SAW ONE DIRECTION on those damn tickets. 2016? smh.” Somebody else had a different perspective, though, tweeting, “everyone thinks they messed up in kaleidoscope with the one direction ticket but what if it was intentional who’s to say she didn’t screw over the guard on purpose.”