Olivia Rodrigo Explains How She Wants Her Concerts To Be Like Lorde’s Shows

A few days ago, Olivia Rodrigo announced her first-ever run of tour dates, which is set to go down between April and July 2022. She has given a handful of live performances so far, but tours tend to be different than award show appearances and things of the like, so it remains to be seen just what sort of experience Rodrigo’s tour will offer. Looking back at Lorde’s shows may offer at least a bit of an idea, though, as Rodrigo says she’s very inspired by Lorde’s concerts, specifically by one show she went to.

Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Rodrigo said:

“I remember going and seeing Lorde’s Melodrama [tour] at the Staples Center, with two of my friends that I’ve grown up with since I was in elementary school, and just balling my eyes out at the experience that she created. She cultivated this whole experience and you could just feel it in your body. The visuals and the sounds and the everything just heightened the album so much for me, and I remember walking out of the Staples Center and being like, ‘I wanna like cultivate an experience for someone like that.’ That’s just like the highest form of art to me, a concert.”

The interview was pegged to Rodrigo’s dominance over this year’s Apple Music Awards, which were announced last week and saw Rodrigo win Breakthrough Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year (Sour), and Song Of The Year (“Drivers License”).

Meanwhile, Rodrigo recently got some touring advice from Phoebe Bridgers, who said, “If you go on vacation and you get kind of depressed or whatever, it’s so much worse. If you’re depressed on tour, you’re surrounded by people, you get to be with all your friends and it’s like work. So then the magical moments are so much better and the sad moments are weirdly so much better. I have such a great friend group of people who are like, ‘I know it’s hard to miss your dog.’ My advice is FaceTime your pets, call your mom… it’s OK if there are times that feel a little bit harder, but mostly, it’s the best thing ever.”