Olivia Rodrigo Brings Her Massive Hit ‘Drivers License’ To ‘The Tonight Show’ For Her Late-Night Debut

Olivia Rodrigo has the first major hit single of the year with “Drivers License,” and after all the chart accolades, Rodrigo has hit another major milestone: Last night, she made her TV debut on The Tonight Show and performed her signature tune.

The performance began with her dramatically lit while singing and playing piano, and during the song’s climax (which she delivered on and turned into a big TV moment), it was revealed that she was joined by an orchestra as well.

In a recent interview, Rodrigo said that due to the pandemic, she hasn’t often experienced the success of “Drivers License” in a huge real-world kind of way, although she has had some brushes with what major celebrity feels like. She said, “I went to two drive-throughs since the song came out, and I got recognized at both. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s weird.'” She continued, “My mom was walking around my neighborhood the other day and a car pulled up next to her while she was waiting to cross the street — the car’s windows were down, and they were blasting ‘Drivers License.’ That’s insane. People in the real world, they’re listening to it and loving it. That’s just the stuff that is really surreal to me.”

Watch Rodrigo perform “Drivers License” on Fallon above.