Olivia Rodrigo Is Preparing For Her First Tour By Singing While Running On A Treadmill

It’s been a year and change since Olivia Rodrigo became a global music superstar thanks to “Drivers License” and the revered singles and album, Sour, that followed. Now, she’s getting ready for her first-ever tour. Rodrigo seems to realize how much energy is needed to put on full-blown concerts for months at a time, so she’s preparing for the trek by getting her physical fitness up.

In a recent Variety interview, she said, “Yesterday, I actually ran on the treadmill and sang my songs, because sometimes when you’re running on stage, you get really winded. I did such a bad job running on the treadmill, it was so hard [laughs]. I feel so sorry for my friend that had to listen to me while I did that because I sounded terrible.”

She also said the unreleased song she previously noted will appear in her Driving Home 2 U film probably won’t get an official standalone release, saying, “I was just looking at a bunch of my old voice memos when we were making the film, and I found that one and I was like, ‘Oh that’s really good!’ It never came out, so I thought, let’s just put it as a voice memo in the film and maybe it’s something that people will like. But I don’t actually think it will ever come out, which I think is kinda cool. It’s a little treat at the end of the movie.”

Find the full interview here. Yesterday, a minute-long clip of Rodrigo performing “Jealousy, Jealousy” from Driving Home 2 U was shared, so check that out below.