Olivia Rodrigo Shares A Lengthy Message Reflecting On Making ‘Sour’ And Giving Thanks

It’s been a whirlwind past few months for Olivia Rodrigo. She released “Drivers License” in January and shortly after became a bona fide global pop star. Now, this journey has culminated with Sour, her debut album that was released today. Now that the album is out, Rodrigo has taken a moment to reflect on making the album and to give thanks the people who were by her side during the process.

Sharing a gallery of photos of herself with collaborators and friends, Rodrigo addressed those people as well as her fans, writing on Instagram:

“my first album SOUR is out everywhere now. every song is so personal and close to my heart. getting to share them with people is the most special thing I’ve ever done in my life. thank u to everyone who made this album happen. thank you to my manager, Kristen Smith, for believing in me and supporting me with absolutely everything in her. thank you to Christiana Divona, Marissa Ramirez, Kirsten Stubbs and Michelle An for bringing SOUR to life visually and being the most caring ppl in the world. thank you to Matt Morris, Emerson Redd, John Janick, and Sam Ribak at interscope for being so supportive and tender with my vision. thank you to Casey Smith for writing jealousy, jealousy with me and Alexander 23 for coproducing good 4 u. lastly thank you to Dan Nigro for making this entire body of work with me in his garage lol. his undeniable talent and undying belief in me has forever changed me as an artist and a person. whatever happens with the album I’m just so grateful I got to work with all these incredible people. And I’m so lucky songwriting and music exists. I hope you guys enjoy the 34 minutes and 46 seconds of me spilling my guts out that is called sour. thank you for helping me turn all my unhappy feelings into one of the best moments of my life.”

Check out Rodrigo’s post below.

Sour is out now via Geffen Records. Get it here.