Rainn Wilson Stumped Billie Eilish On ‘The Office’ Trivia After She Rewatched It For The Fifteenth Time

Billie Eilish has not been secretive about her love of The Office. The singer once said that the show is “like therapy” for her. Eilish even sampled an episode of the series in her debut album’s track “My Strange Addiction.” Last year, Eilish linked up with Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson to get quizzed on some trivia about the show, and she nailed it. Now, the two have united once again, this time virtually, for another trivia session.

Wilson invited Eilish to join him on SoulPancake’s Instagram Live as part of his series Hey There, Human. Wilson had previously hosted Eilish’s brother Finneas, but Eilish now had a chance to speak about music, how she’s coping with quarantine, and, of course, The Office.

Before getting into trivia questions, Eilish detailed how she’s been treating anxieties about the pandemic. The singer said that she was at first grateful for the time off, which she has echoed in other interviews, but has ultimately gotten back to making music: “It’s been really uninspiring to create, for me at least. I’ve talked to people who agree with me on that. At least in the beginning, I did not want to make a thing. I was not creative, I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to make music, I didn’t want to write anything. Luckily, that kind of switched and I got to making some stuff.”

Eilish also offered her best advice for those struggling, which she said was practicing patience: “I think patience is really important right now. […] Especially right now, the only thing we can do is wait. The only thing that’s going on right now is time. It’s also not that hard to stay home.”

Wilson then posed a series of questions about his character in The Office after the singer admitted she’s seen the show 15 times. While Eilish aced her last trivia session with him, Wilson stumped her on a few questions this time around. Eilish correctly answered which book Jim had given Dwight to help him host a garden party, but couldn’t recall what 1,000 “truth bucks” could be redeemed for in the show.

Watch Eilish and Wilson’s chat above.