Raye Put A ‘Petty’ Installation For Her Debut Album Outside Of Her Old Label, Who Held It Back For Years

Raye isn’t afraid of speaking her truth. Today (February 3), the singer/songwriter is celebrating her debut album My 21st Century Blues. In honor of the feat, she cheekily set up an installation comprised of white-painted guitars, speakers, stereo systems, and other instruments — right in front of her former record label.

She unveiled the installation in a TikTok clip, which contained text reading “maybe I was petty and built this installation in front of my old record label.”


Raye signed to Polydor back in 2014, and split from the label in 2021. During those years, she recorded several songs, some of which were released in the form of EPs and standalone singles, and some given to other artists to sing. Shortly before parting ways with Polydor, she expressed her frustration with the label via Twitter.

“I have had albums on albums of music sat in folders collecting dust,” she said, “songs I am now giving away to A list artists because I am still awaiting confirmation that I am good enough to release an album.”

It’s safe to say going independent paid off for Raye, as My 21st Century Blues has reached No. 1 on Apple Music UK, as well as UK’s iTunes store.

My 21st Century Blues is out now via Raye. You can stream it here.