Romeo Santos Embraces Regional Mexican Music In His ‘Me Extraño’ Video Featuring Christian Nodal

Romeo Santos is embracing regional Mexican music for the first time in his new music video. In the romantic “Me Extraño” video that was released on Friday (October 14), the Dominican-American icon teams up with Mexican singer Christian Nodal.

Santos is known for helping globalize Dominican bachata music as a solo artist and as part of the group Aventura. On his previous albums, he’s gotten superstars like Nicki Minaj, Usher, and Drake in on the genre. With his new LP, Formula, Vol. 3, Santos decided to also experiment with genres that were new to him. He did just that with Nodal in “Me Extraño.”

Nodal has become a superstar in the regional Mexican music scene thanks to his mariacheño sound, which is a mix of mariachi and norteño music. “Me Extraño” is a full mariacheño ballad. Santos seamlessly works his sensual voice into the Mexican song that feels authentic with Nodal’s heartfelt croon. Santos and Nodal trade verses where they thank their lovers’ exes for screwing up those previous relationships.

The charming love song comes to life in the “Me Extraño” video that was shot in Buenos Aires by Fernando Lugo. Santos and Nodal are shown singing the track together at the bar. They also share a few shots and raise their glasses to the aforementioned exes. After its revealed that Santos let the woman in the video slip away, she ends up with Nodal with in the end.

The rest of Santos’ Formula, Vol. 3 album is filled with new bachata fusions. Justin Timberlake joined him for the LP’s massive hit “Sin Fin.” For “El Pañuelo,” Santos collaborated with Rosalía and they blended the genre with a touch of flamenco music.