Sabrina Carpenter Releases The Fed-Up Single ‘Vicious’

Yesterday, Sabrina Carpenter announced her fifth studio album Emails I Can’t Send, her first since leaving Hollywood Records and signing to Island. So far, she’s released the songs “Skinny Dipping” and “Fast Times,” which she said are “a good indication for what the rest of the album is going to bring.”

She’s back with the fed-up single “Vicious.” It’s a cathartic anthem that she says is about healing and coming to terms with someone who showed their true colors. Read her full statement about the track below.

“Sonically, you’re able to hear me really closely, and it’s almost like I’m narrating the story to you. This song is really narrative and personal. It’s as if I’m having a conversation. We’ve all had experiences with people we love so deeply who turn out to be different than we thought they were. It’s a really painful realization to come to terms with. A lot of times, we focus on the other side of the healing process and fail to own up to uncomfortable feelings like anger and resentment. I don’t touch on that side of myself too often, but it’s a huge part of my story over the past couple of years, so I thought it was important to start there on ‘Vicious.’”

Listen to “Vicious” above.

Emails I Can’t Send is out 7/15 via Island. Pre-save it here.