Fans Think They’ve Spotted A Subtle Shot At Scooter Braun In Ryan Reynolds’ Taylor Swift-Featuring Ad

Earlier today, Taylor Swift debuted a snippet of her newly re-recorded version of “Love Song,” but chose an unconventional venue in which to do so. Part of the song featured in a new ad for Match that was written by Swift’s friend Ryan Reynolds. Now that the video has been out for a few hours, Swift fans have done some digging and noticed what seems to be an Easter egg in the video that takes a jab at Swift enemy Scooter Braun.

At about 1:13 into the video, Satan and his date 2020 are posing for a selfie in front of a dumpster fire (yeah, that’s part of the ad), and next to another trash receptacle in the background is a fallen scooter laying on the ground. Once fans noticed this apparent slight, they took to Twitter to express their satisfaction with it. Swift has not addressed it yet, but given the joy she has said she gets in hiding Easter eggs for her fans to find, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did in fact get Reynolds to include this one in the ad.

It’s been months since the feud between Swift and Braun over her masters blew up in a big way, and Swift is still not cool with Braun. Swift refused to support the new owners of her master recordings because in the terms of the sale, Braun still stands to profit off of Swift’s old music, which she had no interest in being a part of.