Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Baila Conmigo’ Is An Addictive Spanish Dance Video

Earlier in the year, Selena Gomez let fans know that she was going to be releasing the first Spanish-language project of her career. Kicking this new phase off with the first single, “De Una Vez,” she followed up a few days ago to announce the title of her new EP, Revelacion, and let fans know that it would be coming out in mid-March. She also teased another new song, “Baila Conmigo” – which translates to “Dance With Me” — and features the artists Tainy and Rauw Alejandro as collaborators.

Tonight, the video dropped and boy does it live up to the song’s name. In the Nogari-directed clip, Gomez is a star seen on TV while young viewers try to learn the dance moves she performs. Then, the two characters who have been studying the moves separately are drawn together, rather mysteriously, to dance together. It’s a welcome shift, as the pop stars are relegated to the realm of the silver screen, and the fans are the ones who really star in the video. There’s also a classic moment when one of the fans of the song is listening on a radio out in the middle of the ocean. Watch the clip above and look for Selena’s full EP coming in March.