Selena Gomez Collaborated With Colombian Songwriter Camilo For The Latin Pop Track ‘999’

Following up the release of her first all-Spanish language EP, Revelacion, Selena Gomez has continued to work in the Latin pop vein. For a new track called “999” she’s working with the songwriter Camilo, and shared how she connected with him immediately when they began collaborating. “Camilo is a fantastic songwriter and singer who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve which is something we connected on immediately,” she said in a press release. “I couldn’t have been more excited to collaborate with him.”

As for Camilo, who is collaborating with Gomez for the first time, the songwriter called it an honor and noted that the impetus for “999” was based specifically on Selena’s voice. “Working with Selena Gomez is a tremendous honor and a huge moment in my career,” he said of their new track. “From the beginning, ‘999’ was written based on the color of her voice, and it wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the dream of this collaboration. I’m very excited and it means so much to me to have this beautiful song, with an artist whom I respect and have followed for so long.”

Check out the collaboration above along with the video, directed by Sophie Muller.