Selena Gomez’s ‘My Mind & Me’: All The Info To Know, Including Its Release Date And Where It Will Stream

Within the past week, Selena Gomez has revealed a lot about herself that was kept under wraps for years. This is mostly because she’s preparing for the release of her intimate documentary My Mind & Me, which dives into all the intense moments that have been secret over the years. It’s finally arriving tomorrow, November 4, and fans are stoked to watch.

My Mind & Me is going to premiere exclusively on Apple TV. For those who don’t have a subscription, there’s still a way to watch: You can get two months of Apple TV+ for free through this special link. Otherwise, the free trial they offer is only seven days.

In a new cover story with Rolling Stone, Gomez discussed vulnerable parts of her life that the documentary touches on. “‘My Mind & Me’ is a little sad,” the singer told the reporter, “but it’s also a really nice way of putting a button on the documentary part of life, and then it’ll just be fun stories of me living my life and going on dates and having conversations with myself. I feel like it’s going be an album that’s like, ‘Oh, she’s not in that place anymore; she’s actually just living life.'”