SF9’s Dawon Helped Save Someone In Cardiac Arrest By Administering First Aid

It’s always amazing to see idols do good and help others outside of things they’re already good at.

Just four days ahead of their comeback for their twelfth EP, FNC Entertainment released a statement in regards to SF9 member Dawon’s absence from the group’s fan event held today (January 5). The statement revealed the group’s vocalist assisted in administering first aid to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest at a sauna he frequents earlier in the day. Dawon did his best to follow the instructions given by the paramedics via phone before they arrived at the scene.

Because of the events earlier in the day, it was best decided by management for the SF9 member to not participate in any of the events scheduled for the rest of the day. Fans are encouraged to stay updated via Wonderwall, the group’s official message board, for any updates.

No further details or information have been provided in regards to Dawon’s participation in the group’s comeback.

SF9 is set to release their twelfth EP, The Piece Of 9, on January 9.

Check out the full translated statement from FNC Entertainment, via Soompi, below.

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We are announcing that SF9 member Dawon will not participate in the season’s greeting fan event scheduled for today (January 5).

Today, while bathing at the sauna he regularly uses, Dawon witnessed a patient in cardiac arrest. Following the instructions of paramedics over the phone, he did his best to administer emergency first aid, and the patient was handed over to paramedics once they arrived at the scene. After discussions with the artist, we have decided [for Dawon] to cancel today’s scheduled activity and rest.

With regards to Dawon’s fan event that was unable to proceed today, we will make another announcement later through Wonderwall. We ask for the understanding of fans who likely feel disappointed at the sudden news of his absence and we will do our best so the artist can recover stability as soon as possible.

Once again, we thank fans for their deep understanding.”