Taeyang And Jimin Jammed Out With A Live Band For A Special Performance Of ‘Vibe’

Live performances will always hit differently compared to the original studio track we hear. However, when the live performance includes a live band? Consider it a game-changer.

It’s not often in K-pop you get to hear some of your favorite tracks performed with a live band. Usually, it’s a stripped-down version of the backtrack or instrumentals being used. But if you’re making a major comeback after a six-year hiatus, it’s “go big or go home” for a K-pop icon like Taeyang. Especially if you’re collaborating with one of today’s most popular pop acts, Jimin of BTS.

Released earlier today (January 19), a day shy since its one-week release, Taeyang shared a special live performance of his newest single “Vibe” with Jimin, while accompanied by a six-piece band. Starting off with Taeyang on the keyboard, the retro-R&B, New Jack Swing-inspired track gets a soulful intro with the BIGBANG member doing adlibs. Compared to the original track where the drums and percussion come in after the intro and into the first verse, the live performance adds in the drums in the chorus for a dramatic effect. From there on out, “Vibe” becomes a feel-good, chill track as both Taeyang and Jimin’s voices take turns and blend until the end.

“Vibe” is Taeyang’s first single under TheBlackLabel, since his departure from YG Entertainment late last year. The song was composed by him, Teddy Park, Vince, Jimin, Kush, and 24.