Tayla Parx Addresses Her Emotional Baggage In The Ebullient ‘Fixerupper’ Video

Grammy-nominated musician Tayla Parx is an expert at juggling projects. The singer is an accredited writer on Ariana Grande’s recently-released Positions and even appeared in the title track’s video. On top of that, Parx is just a week away from releasing her sophomore album Coping Mechanisms. Offering fans one last taste of the record’s honest-yet-euphoric sound, Parx debuts a new song alongside a 70s-inspired visual.

Parx sings of being truthful about her emotional baggage amid a sparse studio backdrop in her “Fixerupper” video directed by Joe DeSantis. Speaking about the song’s meaning, Parx notes: “’Fixerupper’ marks a moment of growth. It came after I ended up meeting my next love. I recognized the need to get over some situations, be patient, and understand there are some bandages necessary to fix me up.”

About her musical inspirations on Coping Mechanisms, Parx said she hopes to inspire listeners to be kind to themselves: “I’m ever-changing. I’m unwilling to let my creative side die — ever. I’m a businesswoman, I’m a brand, and I’m a human. I’m working on being a better one all the time too. I’m going to allow myself to continue to evolve. My message is, ‘It’s okay to not be okay sometimes.’ It’s also okay to be better than okay other times. Be nice to yourself. Go through those growing pains, because they enable you to become who you’re meant to be.”

Watch Parx’s “Fixerupper” video above. Coping Mechanisms is out 11/20 via Tayla Made/Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

Tayla Parx is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.