Taylor Swift Is Dropping Another New Music Video — This One Directed By Blake Lively

Once Taylor season begins, it only ends when Taylor says it does. That’s why her latest surprise announcement isn’t all that surprising to those who know her well. The last few days of Red (Taylor’s Version) have been much more than busy, they’ve been astounding. After delivering an epic performance of the new ten-minute version of “All Too Well” on SNL, rapping alongside Pete Davidson in another sketch, debuting the short film for the new, longer version of “All Too Well,” dueting with Phoebe Bridgers, and collaborating with Chris Stapleton, did Taylor come up for air?

Nope, she decided to drop yet another brand new music video. Because when you’ve got a collaboration with Chris Stapleton on your album, that thing definitely needs a video. Not only will “I Bet You Think About Me” get the video treatment as soon as 10 AM EST tomorrow, but the video will feature a debut director, too. It’s long documented that Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are good friends — not to mention Swift’s friendship with Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds — and they’ll take that friendship to a new level with Lively directing this video. Take a look at a preview of the clip below and look out for the video coming tomorrow, preview link above if you want to bookmark it.