Taylor Swift Couldn’t Believe A Beatles Comparison She Received From Billy Joel

Taylor Swift isn’t short on praise by any means, but still, some compliments hit different. Such was the case with some recent words from Billy Joel.

In a recent USA Today interview, the legend was asked about his thoughts on some current artists. He mentioned Swift, saying, “Taylor is also a very talented girl and she’s productive and keeps coming up with great concepts and songs and she’s huge. You have to give her high marks. She knows music and she knows how to write. She’s like that generation’s Beatles.”

Swift caught wind of that and she was pretty floored by it. In a recent interview with Extra, she was asked about Joel’s compliment and she said, “That honestly broke my brain… I don’t really know how to process words like that from someone like him. I’m a huge fan of his, that’s an icon saying that. I don’t know if that really happened, I need to see a video.”

Beyond this, things have been pretty excellent for Swift lately. “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” recently became the longest No. 1 song ever thanks to the ten-minute version of it. She’s also up for a Grammy in 2022, even if her nomination was a last-minute decision.