Taylor Swift ‘Can’t Believe’ She Gets To Work With Aaron Dessner

Ever since Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner worked together on Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums, the two have basically been praising each other non-stop. They clearly love making music together, and yet another fruit of their collaborative labor was shared last night, a new Big Red Machine Song called “Renegade.” In light of that, Swift found yet another chance to show love for Dessner, saying she “can’t believe” she gets to work with him.

Sharing a teaser for the song on Instagram, Swift wrote,

“I can’t believe I get to work with Aaron Dessner. When Aaron came into my life, I was ushered into his world of free-flowing creativity where you don’t overthink, you just make music. His generosity of spirit and humility bleeds into every part of his life, and that’s why so many artists have jumped at the chance to be a part of his collaborative project, Big Red Machine. A song we wrote (which also features Justin Vernon) is out today! It’s called Renegade. Thanks Aaron for asking me to show up at your party.”

In response to the truncated version of the message that Swift shared on Twitter, Dessner responded, “[heart emojis] still hard to believe I get to pass the ball to one of the best ever.”

This follows a new interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in which Dessner said of Swift, “Every time we write a song together, we both sort of are a little bit dumbfounded by it, or sort of like how is this possible because it feels like the shoe fits so well somehow. And I think something about the way that I think, or the way that I relate to music emotionally, and then her incredible acumen or her way of tracing music and her storytelling and her sense of melody, there’s something that really clicks.”

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