Taylor Swift Honored The National And Her ‘Evermore’ Era With The First Ever Live Performance Of ‘Coney Island’

Taylor Swift isn’t slowing down with the surprises on her critically-acclaimed Eras tour. Last night (April 27), she called back one of her game-changing eras during a tour stop in Atlanta.

Swift’s ninth studio album, Evermore, was the second of two albums she released with less than 24 hours’ notice in 2020. On the album is a collaboration with The National called “Coney Island.” Until last night, Swift hadn’t yet performed the song live.

At each tour stop, Swift has played a “surprise song,” during which, she performs one of her songs on the designated tour stop that she won’t perform at any of the other stops.

Before the “surprise song” portion of her Atlanta set, Swift told the audience, “Any time I’m gonna talk about or even reference another artist, I feel inclined to tell you that if they’re not here, they’re not here. No one else is here. You are stuck with me. It’s only me.”

While The National wasn’t in the building to perform “Coney Island” with Swift, she still shouted them out ahead of the song’s live debut.

“I was lucky enough to be able to write a song with [The National] for their new album, which is called the First Two Pages Of Frankenstein,” said Swift. “Check it out, stream it, buy it on vinyl. I love them so much. They’ve been so kind to me,” Swift added. “So, I’m not gonna sing the song that we have on this new album — it’s called ‘The Alcott’ — check that out, though. But I am gonna sing ‘Coney Island.’”

You can see clips of the performance of “Coney Island” above.