Taylor Swift Fans Seem To Have Quickly Cracked The Decoding Challenge Swift Gave Them

Taylor Swift loves to hide Easter eggs and other mysteries in her work for finds to find and evaluate. Now, she’s not even hiding them in a song or music video anymore, as Swift took to Twitter today to present her fans with a decoding challenge, which they seem to have already cracked.

Swift shared a video of a golden vault and wrote, “The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video. Level: Expert. Happy decoding!” In the clip, the vault door opens and a seemingly nonsensical series of fake words flies toward the viewer. Swift has been training her fans to look for Easter eggs for years, so it appears they quickly got to the bottom of this.

Fans started sharing their conclusions on Twitter, and a prevailing theory is that the words are jumbled parts of song titles, specifically the titles of the bonus tracks from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The supposed titles are “You All Over Me” (which is already confirmed as the Maren Morris-featuring song as already been released), “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “That’s When,” “We Were Happy,” “Bye Bye Baby,” and either “Don’t You” or “You Don’t.” Additionally, it seems one of those songs also features Keith Urban, who became a trending topic on Twitter following the video’s release.

Check out some fan tweets about Swift’s video below.