It Looks Like Taylor Swift Covertly Revealed The Release Date Of ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’

We’re only a few hours into the day and it’s already a huge one for Taylor Swift fans. This morning, she took to Good Morning America to reveal that she has finished re-recording her album Fearless and that the new edition will be called Fearless (Taylor’s Version). On top of that, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” will be here in a matter of hours, as it’s dropping at midnight tonight. Swift was vague when she said that the new Fearless is arriving “soon,” but it looks like she hid a more specific release date for fans to find.

It’s not the most sneakily hidden Easter egg of her career, but following Swift’s GMA appearance, she shared a note about the album on social media. The note is written mostly in lowercase except for a handful of capitalized letters that seem out of place. Fans quickly picked up on this and it turns out that if those capital letters are extracted from the note and put together, they spell out “APRIL NINTH,” which strongly suggests an April 9 release date for the album. Shortly after Swift’s announcement, a lot of Twitter’s trending topics were related to the news and as of this post, “APRIL NINTH” is second on the list, so it’s something fans have noticed en masse.

Other Twitter trends of the moment include #TaylorsVersion and 26 SONGS (in reference to the “songs from the vault” that Swift recorded for the expanded album), as well as some song titles.

Pre-order Fearless (Taylor’s Version) here.